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any noise is better of any silence!

curators: Nebularina - Eva De Adamo


the ozky e-sound NetLabel promotes music in free download, promote ozky e-sound with a free donation!

demo policy:

Please write a short information about the artist or your project. Specify some reference to your web page. We need the files in .wav format. We produce only music under Creative Commons License. We are a non-profit NetLabel - free music for free download-. We pubblish our release on serves. You can learn about the terms of use here. Some time we print we print Cd-r or Audio Tape. Please send your demo music to ozkyesound(at)yahoo(dot)it via: We Transfer or similar service. To release your music we need also the complete artwork, front and back cover, Cd and olso we like to use some pictrure of you or about the project.

furtther information: